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The solution for the unknown in the battlefield

Wild Goose

An innovative, electric powered robotic system that can carry heavy loads over any terrain while maintaining full combat effectiveness and mobility on the battlefield.


Infantry Modular Robotic System

Patented hybrid robotic system capable of providing an advanced and unique solution for a variety of operational needs and gaps in the battlefield. Elastic goose-neck for extreme agility and ergonomic integration Near-silent operation, reduced acoustic and thermal signatures, high torque at all speeds.


  • Logistics‚Ä謆
  • Medical Evacuation
  • ‚ÄčCommunication Systems
  • Remote Weapon Systems (RWS)
  • Decoys and Deception
  • Long Range Control

Wireless Remote

  • Built-in Picatinny Rail Adaptor
  • One-hand Operation
  • Haptic Feedback (vibration)
  • Cruise Control Capability
  • Rechargeable Battery

Energy Pack

  • Internal BMS & Safety Switch
    Pproviding 100% Safe and Vprotected Pack
  • LED State of Charge Indicator
  • CANbus 2.0 Communication Interface
Marom Dolphin wild goose


  • Manned - Unmanned Teaming.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easily operated with minimum training
  • Rugged design with high level of foldability,¬†conversion kits, and adaptors (stretcher kit, MK19 kit¬†and more)
  • Autonomous - ready


  • Battery:
    Interchangeable and portable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Two main configurations:
    4x4 - load capacities up to 310 lbs / 140 kg
    Self-weight 44 lbs / 20 kg (Total of 106 lbs / 48 kg).
  • 2x2¬†- load capacities up to 155 lbs / 70 kg
    Self-weight 62lbs / 28kg


  • Designed to comply with military standards
  • Near-silent operation, reduced acoustic and thermal¬†signatures, high torque at all speeds
  • Wireless Remote Control -¬†One-hand operation
  • Puncture-proof¬†Tire system


  • Width: 800mm
  • 2x2 Variant Mac Payload - 75kg, Self-weight 32kg
  • 4x4 Variant Mac Payload - 150kg, Self-weight 28kg (total of 60kg)



For more information on our Infantry Modular Robotic System,
or to discuss any specific requirements you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us and provide further details.

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