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Marom Dolphin Ltd. regards achieving a high level of quality for its products as the main way to acquire the trust and satisfaction of its customers.
The Company regards this as a necessary condition. 

The company management believes that this basis is essential in order to ensure the supply of products and services that meet customer requirements.
Details of the principles of the quality policy that the management fosters, fulfills and is meticulous about:

  • The Company will constantly promote improvement and compliance with the requirements of the interested parties, and will ensure that the required internal and external issues relating to its operations and procedures are examined and inspected.  
  • Realizing the desired quality while meeting the times, shortening reaction times and carrying out the transportation at a high-quality level.
  • Development of quality indices in the provision of service and the assimilation of quality culture and drawing conclusions.
  • Definition and control of service and testing processes that will ensure the preservation and addition of satisfied customers.
  • Ensuring efficient quality at all levels that will prevent unnecessary expenses and contribute to the company's efficient operations.
  • Involvement, commitment and leadership to the quality of managers.
  • Control of suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Compliance with laws, orders and regulations.
  • Skilled manpower, while training him on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintenance and implementation of quality management system requirements ISO:9001:2015.
  •  The Company will monitor, criticize and act to reduce risks and realize opportunities, as part of the inspection and operation of the processes in the organization.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality system

Marom Dolphin LTD will strive to meet the customer's demands and expectations, while continuously improving all areas of activity.