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our story

Over the past 30 years, Marom Dolphin has established itself as one of  the world’s leading companies for developing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing top-quality advanced tactical carrying solutions around the world.

With decades of experience, we have dedicated ourselves to developing safe, operational, and ergonomic innovative-carrying solutions essential for any military, paramilitary, or security task.Based on our knowledge and experience, we have been able to develop and design many unique custom-made solutions, some of which are patented, while focusing on the ergonomics and comfort of the user.


Multi-year contracts for providing the IDF (Israel Defense Force) with tens of thousands of advanced tactical carrying systems.Multi-year contracts for the Israeli police, border patrol, and Special Units with tens of thousands of Ballistic and stab-resistant systems.

Delivery of tens of thousands of C4I load carriage and protection systems to several NATO countries.Delivery of tens of thousands of ballistic panels, plates, and helmets worldwide.Supplying thousands of operational documentation systems.Supplying hundreds of our innovative, battery-powered robotic versatile systems.

Our manufacturing process complies with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard as well as with the Quality Assurance standards of military forces worldwide, awarding them worldwide recognition for their high quality and durability.

r & d

Innovation solutions for the tactical use.Giving a profound understanding of customer needs and practical innovative tips for the development of the best match for the requirements. Design and development of the smartest technological textile solutions.

Optimized for wearability by personnel in action while maintaining efficiency ergonomics and load-bearing distribution. Superior design dedicated to an ultimate user experience.Development and use of special materials for advanced features.

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