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Patents & Innovations

Focusing on ergonomics and body mapping, we have come up, over the years, with many innovative solutions, which not only make the use of tactical gear easier but also much more comfortable.
By implementing our specially designed solutions, we deliver to our customers carrying systems, which allow them to fight stronger, longer and more efficiently.
Our engineers and designers bring their experience for years of service in the military and stay connected to the field to stay updated with the evolving battlefield, fighting equipment and soldiers’ needs.
With our wide knowledge and experience we find the correct material and design to reduce weight of carrying systems and to raise the sustainability of the users.
Here are some of our latest patents and innovations: 

1. The FORMISSION System

Our patented hinge for backpacks allowing to wear a backpack over any type of vest, while keeping the weight balanced between the waist and the shoulders. The hinge offers full flexibility to the user while walking, kneeling, lying, etc., without restricting movement and comfortably maintaining the weight balanced to prevent pressure on the shoulders, which reduces the blood flow to the arms and hands.
The FORMISION has been implemented into thousands of backpacks over the years and is now a standard in several militaries around the world. 

2. The Fusion System

A patented advanced carrying system which integrates a tactical duty belt, a protective vest and a full-sized backpack all together into one modular system. The system can be used with or without ballistic soft and hard panels.
The weight of the system is balanced between the shoulders and the waist for better comfort while using only one set of shoulder straps and waist belt.
The backpack has already been designed for various purposes, such as: a multi-purpose bag, sniper rifle, medic equipment, communication, UAV, drone, etc. 

3. The Micro Fusion System

A modular system which integrates a tactical duty belt, a protective vest and a medium-sized backpack together. The tactical duty belt can be used as a separate belt or as part of the system balancing the weight of the vest and/or backpack between the shoulders and the waist.
The backpack is attached to the same belt, for better comfort. The vest and backpack can be designed in various options as a plate carrier or a protective vest. 

4. T-Belt / Pivot belt 

Since 2014, soldiers and policemen have been using our specially designed weight distribution belt for body armor vests. The T-Belt reduces the weight carried on their shoulders and balances it between the shoulders and the waist for better comfort. The height of T-Belt is easily adjustable in the vest and it can also be removed.
In the second generation of the T-Belt we implemented a pivot allowing flexibility to the user while maneuvering to the sides without restricting the users range of motion.
These belts can be implemented into any vest design which we manufacture. 

5. The TPP Connector

Our patent pending specially designed buckle for quickly attaching and detaching vests, pouches and even backpacks. The TPP stands for Tactical Pivot Point.
The TPP provides circular motion allowing full motion to the sides even with a medium sized backpack. 

6. Durabad Fabric

The Durabad is a special fabric uniquely developed by Marom Dolphin. It is the next generation of fabrics for military use.
By changing the fabric structure and the production prosses we were able to get a stronger and lighter material then the traditional Cordura. By using the Durabad we are able to reduce the weight of vests and backpacks, while providing high abrasion resistance and high durability.
The Durabad is the new standard for military grade fabrics in several militaries worldwide. 

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