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 K9‭ ‬solutions‭,‬‭ ‬specialized operational carrying solutions for dogs‭, ‬encompass a range of innovative products for the K9‭ ‬units‭.‬

Among these solutions are ballistic vests designed to provide crucial protection to police‭, ‬military‭, ‬and service dogs operating‭ ‬in high-risk environments‭. ‬These vests are engineered to withstand ballistic threats while ensuring optimal mobility and comfort for the canine‭.‬

Additionally‭,‬‭ ‬recovery‭ ‬solutions are integrated mechanisms‭, ‬facilitating the safe and efficient extraction or hoisting of working dogs during‭ ‬underground/over the fence missions‭.‬

Marom Dolphin‭ ‬has been at the forefront of developing and supplying these advanced K9‭ ‬solutions‭.‬


NVISOL‭ (‬Subsidiary Company‭)‬‭ ‬is a leading Israeli Company for tactical documentation solutions‭.‬

Among its inventory‭, ‬K9‭ ‬solutions play a key role‭.‬

The solutions are mission-tailored and are integrating K9‭ ‬harnesses‭, ‬an array of‭ ‬‭ ‬cameras‭, ‬and streaming solutions‭.‬

The most popular documentation kits span from GOPRO-based solutions to its‭ ‬MAROMX‭ ‬camera-based solutions with integrated and modular streaming‭.‬

A K9‭ ‬GOPRO‭ ‬and Flashlight solution for visible light documentation‭.‬

A MAROMX‭ ‬solution for visible and covert‭ (‬940‭ ‬nm‭) ‬documentation‭.‬

A MAROMX‭ ‬cellular internet streaming‭ (‬K9‭ ‬to operator‭, ‬command post‭) ‬solution for visible and covert‭ (‬940‭ ‬nm‭) ‬documentation and streaming‭.‬

A MAROMX P2P‭ ‬‭(‬direct K9‭ ‬to operator‭) ‬radio streaming solution for visible and covert‭ (‬940‭ ‬nm‭) ‬documentation and streaming‭.‬

A unique‭ ‬SKY SNAPPER K9‭ ‬extraction devise for underground/over-the-fence operations‭.‬

Sky Snapper

An Operational Enabler‭ - ‬A self homing and connecting device‭.‬

Ability to lift carriage‭, ‬in weights of up to 850Kg‭ (‬1875‭ ‬lbs‭).‬

Versatile and modular‭.‬

Recovery‭ ‬solution for extraction of objects‭.‬

Option for use with drones‭.‬