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Marom Dolphin‭ ‬DOLPHIN Maritime Plate Carrier‭ ‬is a hybrid plate carrier and emergency‭ ‬flotation‭ ‬device‭, ‬with a unique‭ ‬flotation‭ ‬system that is protected under its protection layers‭.‬


This unique feature guarantees its‭ ‬flotation‭ ‬system functionality even after it has been exposed to battle atmosphere‭, ‬live fire and shrapnel‭.‬

The vest is‭ ‬designed‭  ‬to serve maritime vessels operators and combat troops on the vessel and on the ground operations‭.‬

In order to allow the operation of the‭ ‬flotation‭ ‬system‭, ‬the vest is equipped with a dedicated development mechanism that allows the vest to grow in volume as the‭ ‬flotation‭ ‬chamber‭ ‬expands hens prevents overpressure onto the operator‭.‬



Flotation‭ ‬force of 275‭ ‬KN

Class 275N according to ISO 12402-2:2020

Automatic/Manual‭, ‬flotation‭ ‬mechanism activation

Mouthpiece for self-inflation and pressure reduction

PALS interface to combat gear all over the front and back panels

Back and front Soft Ballistic panels and Hard Ballistic plates

Quick release side clips

Dynamic adjustable side flaps for adjustment while on the move

3D mesh for sweat evaporation

Interface to Marom-Dolphin ergonomic inner hip belts‭, ‬Combat belts and Micro-Fusion system

S‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬5XL size variety


The Dolphin vest‭ ‬flotation is built for preventing the drowning in the case of unconscious user that reach the water‭, ‬the flotation bladder will‭ ‬always turn the user that his face will be above the water‭.‬


MD Maritime vest‭ ‬is designed for the factuality and operational efficiency of the user in mobility and protection‭, ‬together with the vest there‭ ‬are several add ons that can be added‭. ‬


Upper arm‭ (‬level 3A‭)‬

Side protection‭ (‬level 3A‭)‬

Hard ballistic insert‭ (‬level III-IV‭)‬

Neck protection‭ (‬level 3A‭)‬

Groin protection‭ (‬level 3A‭)‬

Low back protection‭ (‬level 3A‭)‬

Tactical belt with MD TPP

Weapon sling‭  ‬

Pouches‭- ‬wide range of pockets for carrying equipment

Backpacks for MD-TPP system