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Nowadays, ballistic solutions are an inseparable part
of military and security tactical textile solutions. We
offer several SAP solutions according to international
standards such as the NIJ 2005 interim requirements,
0101.06 and 0115.00 standards from the USA as well as
different standards from other countries. We have the
ability to offer protection solutions which include the
body armor vest and many accessories with additional
protection. We use dierent materials, according to the
advantages of each ballistic fabric, to oer solutions adapting
to various protection levels and standards from dierent
countries. The protection solutions cover fragment, bullet
and stab threats suited to each customer based on the
required threat and desired product weight dened by
each customer. At Marom Dolphin, we consider the body
armor carrier as a whole solution and by that we invest
many thoughts in the designing of the vest to provide
maximum coverage area to the wearer without preventing
from him to operate in the many daily tasks required in
his duty.